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View Historic Oakwood
near Downtown Raleigh.

View Raleigh Ice Storm
from December 4, 2002

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Men vs. Women
Women vs. Men

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The Tonight Show
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Richard Harris real life stories,
The Daen Martin Show,
The Carol Burnett Show,
Tim Conway - Dorf Golf Bible
Denis Lacombe - the Mad Conductor

Small Home For Sale ?


Railroad Modeling
Seaboard Info
Norfolk Southern
1950's Raleigh Railroad Maps

    Raleigh Downtown Skyline

In the year 2011 the Population for Raleigh was 416,468 Charlotte is the largest city with a Population of 751,087
he Population for North Carolina in 2011 was 9,656,401

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 City of Raleigh 
 Wake County
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North Carolina Government 
 DMV_NCDOT, Division of Motor Vehicles
NC State Fair Grounds - Yearly Calendar of Events
 Raleigh Durham International Airport 
 Raleigh hotels listed by Rate 
 Raleigh Local Directory 
 Local Newspaper
 Triangle City Search 

 Raleigh Local Weather:  7-Day Forecast  
 Raleigh GAS Prices (updated regularly)
craigslist (CL) - Raleigh / Durham / CH

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 East Coast Railroads
HO scale model trains
 Easy Notes Pro
- Medical Software
 Pin-UpGallery - Dedicated to the Great Pin Up Artist
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Automotive Links:
 1991 Buick Reatta (Classic Car, 75,000 miles)
 Buick Reatta: A True American Luxury 2-seater Sports Car
 Buick Reatta: YouTube videos and photos
 Kreative Kustoms (local custom cars from the past)

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Racist" Michael Richards makes his point.
 "It's Hell Getting Old"
School and Children
Outside Enemies"

  "Spread the Stupidity"

  Love Life Poems

 (some of the below are a little different than the other)
 Atheist Professor

 Atheist Professor Corrected
in the Classroom
 Deep In The Bible Belt -- One Atheist Professor's Experience
 The Professor Teaches About Evil and Christianity
 The Atheist Professor with no Brain
 The Atheist Professor
 God vs. Science

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